Need Great Application Developers?

When you are looking for an application developer for your project, you have several options:

  • Use a free app building constructor
  • Hire an independent app developer
  • Insourcing: create an in-house team of developers
  • Outsourcing: invite professional application development agency

Let's take a look at all this options to get a deeper understanding of all the alternatives.

Free Application Builder

Anyone can now become an application builder that does not code the DIY site type to introduce us to the software world. With a set of templates, you have a choice of any design, the interface layout, and just have to fill in your information, brand name, implement the features available on the website and submit your application to the App Store. At first glance, this sounds like a perfect idea: a free, easy-to-use app created in 20 minutes. But let's face it:

This is a very boring application, like many others, simplicity is its disadvantage.

Free? This is an exaggeration, you should consider the monthly maintenance costs. The availability of some features is what you should pay.

These apps are limited in customization opportunities. You can not add some of the features you need because the application's authoring site does not even provide them.

In the end, it will be difficult to work. Sometimes the quality of such an application is poor, so not all devices are able to start it. If quality is good - hundreds of similar solutions are already on the market.

The DIY site is fun, but for business purposes, this is a waste of time.

Freelance Developer

Another option is to find a freelancer. Hiring a freelancer is appropriate to accomplish a very special task, which is why you can find a highly qualified person in this specific area of ​​activity. You hire them only when you need them, and you do not have to pay the time spent in the office. You do not give space and office equipment, do not pay for benefits, and even takes into account that your hourly rates are higher than the internal staff - you save a lot of money.

But you must remember that hiring a freelancer means delegating your unique ideas and realizing an entire project to someone most likely to have other projects at the same time. You have to spend your precious time controlling the costs, controlling all phases of the work, guiding the developers, checking the deadlines, preferably becoming highly professional programmers and testing the final result as a professional.

  • Risk:

You can’t guarantee that a freelancer will not leave you with your project to get more benefits, or because of an illness, love or anything else.

Outside the office of this person, there is no boss, you hardly feel the control of the situation.

A large project needs more time from a single developer on the development team. If the deadline is important to you, hiring a freelancer is not the best option.

In short, a freelancer is not a good option for some tasks, but this option can be very dangerous when it comes to a large project that requires some collateral.

Internal team

An internal team of developers is a different choice. You have constant control over this project and you've been in touch with the developers. But if you want to create a team, you need to start over, buy equipment and inventories, find workplaces, make them learn more at international conferences and webinars, and give them access to IT libraries. If this is a viable option - this is a good solution. But you have more options to discuss.

Choosing an application developer

As one of the companies making the application, we already have all the necessary equipment, a highly qualified team of IT professionals, including developers, designers and project managers who keep in touch with you. Each of them is a specialist in this field. That's why you do not have to worry about it. You simply provide your ideas to us and we will help you to implement them in the most profitable way in the form of web or mobile apps based on your wishes and based on our initial partnership The detailed specification that the scenario has created for you.

Group of specialists

As an experienced app developer and talented team of designers who have worked together for years, we present some ideas for your future projects and be prepared to help you avoid some of the classic mistakes in development that are often caused by the Novato application to create procedures. We come up with a brief idea, you can be sure, we will help you to develop a successful application. The developers are eager to build what people say and can’t stop using it. We are one of the leading development companies and we value our reputation.

Software to meet business needs

Custom Software Solutions

A custom software solution is a unique tool for your company, tailored to the needs of your company. If you're struggling with this problem:

  • How to organize your company activities in the most efficient way?
  • How to establish internal communication and customer relationship management?
  • How to automate daily processes and accelerate performance?

So the custom software is the best way to manage your business and deal with difficulties and increase your productivity. Our developers have experience working in various business areas and we create apps that deliver better business results. Our developers know how to make software safe and friendly with significant positive results. Even after we create the program, we will continue to support it. For long-term relationships, we value cooperation with our clients and do our best for their success.

Small business application

People used to believe that creating business software was only for big business and big business. Do not be misled. Whether you have a store, a bar, a restaurant or a gym, you can profit from a proper software tool if you are an event planner or have your real estate agent. The expert developers can help you build your brand awareness and keep in touch with your target audience by informing your loyal customers about your news, events and other important information. Small business apps offer new ways to interact with your customers:

  • Update
  • Involve
  • Reward
  • Keep

Modern cell phones and computers help us organize life, interact with friends, research, buy, create, and do many things. So why not use these technologies useful for our business. On the customer's cell phone, you become part of your life. Come with us with your ideas to create a good application and use it as a marketing tool.


Creation of mobile and Web apps

Our developers build web-based and native solutions. Highly skilled application developers can exploit the advantages of various development tools such as Xcode, Visual and Android Studios, CSS, HTML5 and more. During the development process, we perform a great deal of UI / UX and QA testing to ensure that our work meets your expectations and your clients needs. We help you digitise your business and consider your success.

Web application

These sites are passed. Of course, it is important that your webpage is available to your customers at any time. However, it would be better if the user had access to additional features while browsing the page. Using HTML5 to write web programs, we can create a program that stores data locally and can continue to run offline. If you want to create a program that allows you to perform complex calculations and analyze your company data and economic outlook, you need a special server to perform these tasks in one click. This is how web software work. Web-based apps connect to remote servers, allowing them to handle these difficult tasks in less time. In addition, such tools are cheaper and faster to create than mobile application development, as long as they do not need to be encoded for different devices, they are common and their user interface can be enhanced with a responsive design that fits the page content Resolution and screen size.

Mobile application

In all possible directions for marketing strategy, internet marketing and marketing through mobile apps are the fastest growing types. One of the best things you can do to reach your target audience: put yourself in your customer's pocket and always be with them. Thanks for the "notifications by submission" feature. We can create a native application that is built on a specific platform and can be downloaded from a specific store. If you know that your target audience is an iPhone user, then we'll make an iOS product for you.

  • IOS. We'll help you navigate the limitation of Apple and take advantage of all the innovative iOS technologies. A robust feature set designed for incredible apps that run on the most robust, stable, and secure platforms will not change without leaving any of your customers.
  • Android. With apps on the Android platform, you can reach a large audience of Android users. Although we have all the hassle when creating Android apps for market segments, we provide high quality tools. Even though brand owners make some changes to Android developer standards, we consider and provide the same well-designed apps for any Sony device for Samsung.
  • Windows. It is not very popular in the market, but it is still an important representative of the operating system. You never know what will happen next day. Today, a platform is the highest, not tomorrow. We can not predict whether Windows phones will exceed the two current smartphone leaders. We can develop multifunctional and good-looking apps for Windows.

Our developers can also create cross-platform apps that use their smartphones to reach the entire audience. But this will be a more expensive and time-consuming process because it is necessary to write an application for all platforms and adapt each device to its resolution and size. Click site here.

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