Android App Development Business

Our developers create top-level Android applications that make your products or services available to a large number of customers. We offer highly customized programming solutions and innovative approach in creating and designing applications.

The Development Process

Since the beginning of the business, we have developed an effective strategy to strengthen the workflow. The extension of years of experience has allowed us to deliver excellent results. The app developed by our team of experts was well received and won international awards. We strive to create a robust level of security and a perfect resource app. The development process consists of several steps. Let's take a closer look.

Critical business market research

First, we sat down with the customer to discuss the overview of future products. In the early stages, we will adopt your ideas and find ways to achieve them by identifying the purpose and settings of the required functionality. Our expert analysis team has found the existing products and has developed a competitive solution. So before we start the actual tutorial, we've developed an approximate framework based on the best programming tutorials we currently have and have laid a solid foundation. The professionals involved in these steps are the main developers, designers, project managers, financial managers and other companies.

Market research

The internship includes the following:

  • Competitors, data flows and business market analysis.
  • Budget planning and development (project plan, research plan, test plan, functional specification so customers understand each management issue and agree to develop the terms).
  • Interactive Pixels Perfect template design, prototype, wireframe and technical specifications, style guides and UI elements.
Design a custom IT project

We believe that the development of an intuitive and attractive design is the basis of a successful digital product. To attract the attention of a large international audience, our team of experts focuses on a user-friendly experience and interface that makes highly polished products rich and easy to use, essential to the business. In this process, we note the following points:

  • Create the concept of future design
  • Construction Model
  • Test UI and UX
  • Find the right design and approve it
Agile Method

Agile basics

  • Personal communication with clients
  • Fast delivery and high quality in a few weeks
  • The ultimate goal is to work with the product
  • Emphasis on functional and user-friendly design
  • Maintain close and long-term relationships with customers
  • At any stage of development can be flexible and rapid response to change
  • Sustainable development
  • Joint cooperation
  • In all development teams to communicate and collaborate
  • Optimize and update recent requests

Quality Control Management

Our UK development company controls all stages of Android app development. We understand and assure our customers the following comprehensive documentation and communication methods. In order to provide customers with the solutions they deserve, quality assurance professionals begin:

  • QA test planning
  • Revision code
  • Send an error report
  • Functional test
  • Evaluation of software performance and user experience
Deliver Android app development services

As the developer and Android app complete testing and scheduling, we are ready to proceed with project deployment, optimize Google Play Market, and ensure continued post-launch support with all necessary updates. To complete the correct version of the app, we performed:

  • Analysis and evaluation
  • Software Monitoring
  • Install the SSL certificate
  • App Store Upload
  • Long-term support

Basic services: support after launch

Although many development companies may be surprised, but even after the launch, we will continue to support the product. Our professionals make every effort to advise on strategies and smart ways to address specific market conditions. We never abandon our customers, helping them make the most of IT solutions, updating up-to-date requirements and, most importantly, ensuring their highly efficient functionality.

Adjustment changes

Our team responds to changes in app in the following ways

  • Search Market
  • Analysis of competitors' products
  • Fix error
  • Upgrade to the latest operating system version
  • Optimize and improve
  • Feedback from the survey, comments and current trade changes

Working with Specialists: Custom Android Development

To be sure, to compete in the global marketplace, a good app should be attractive, attractive, easy to use, and easy to use. Getting your product to meet all these requirements is as good for your business as anything else. Of course, optimizing software for all Android operating devices like Samsung, Sony Ericsson, HTC, LG, and more is not easy.


Our service

Our development team offers the best solution and offers the following services:

  • Custom development
  • Design UX / UI
  • Develop hybrid applications
  • Audit test and code
  • Google Play Market Optimization
  • Integration with existing software
  • After release and update support

What is a good app?

We can ensure that our products are not only good but also excellent in terms of function and design. Our experts incorporate the following features and resources:

  • Social tools such as phone and video calls, messages and chat
  • Interact with hardware devices
  • Improved battery life and GPS tracking
  • Advanced data security
  • First-class development method
  • UX / UI design and functional efficiency

A variety of applications

By developing custom IT solutions, we can achieve success in many areas. Here are some of them:

  • Social networking platforms that connect customers and business team members help create better, more efficient communications.
  • Optimize business processes for business products, adjust workflows, and eliminate errors.
  • Transportation and logistics for the delivery of services and other business.
  • Kitchen app with delicious recipes for meals and food delivery tools.
  • Helps to follow healthier lifestyles and even find medical tools for medications.
  • Travel items including a variety of interesting places, routes and useful information.
  • Gaming and entertainment solutions for all generations.

Collaborate with Android development experts

Our team of professionals has mastered the technology of creating mobile devices and has developed a powerful process. We find first-rate methods and realize the importance of maintaining close communication with our customers. To achieve the ultimate goal of efficiency, it is important to understand the customers and their needs at every stage. Whether your business is a big business or a small business, the main thing is to work together to reach a consensus and win the global market. Following this policy, we have received various comments and media comments.

Mobile Development: Contact Us

Our professionals offer superior solutions that use innovative functional methods and attractive design for your company. We have been developing Android, iOS and Windows for years, and every challenging project has improved. Meticulous improvements allow us to enrich your projects with more innovative technologies like GPRS, geotagging, NFC, mobile payments, QR codes, VR and more. Our astute experts implement the latest technology in web and mobile design and provide post-launch support throughout their lifecycle.


Development services: Android and Web

The platform offers a variety of ways to customize your mobile app and experience the goals you want to achieve in your project. It allows talented designers to offer a product that stands out among many, also creating a vast market with many competing companies. We are not satisfied with the mediocre outcome. Android allows you to create a variety of applications: local, web, and hybrid. To understand what you understand, let us explain in depth.

Native app

This machine is software installed on a smartphone or tablet. To download them, you need to access the App Store, such as Apple iOS or Google Play Market for Android. These products are designed specifically for the mobile phone you are using and have full range of features and access to the camera, contact list, location, photos, and information. Local software using notification system and Internet connection. As a complement, developers can also combine gestures and other enhanced features.

Web-based app

Web-based software does not exactly match the general understanding of the app. This app is a fairly optimized site that looks and feels exactly the same locally. Generally, they are built using HTML or HTML5 and can be accessed through the standard Internet browser. With web-based software, you can save some memory in your phone because it does not need to be installed. To be able to use these digital products faster and easier, simply set up a bookmark in your browser to complete your setup!

Hybrid app

When it comes to mixed software, it is important to mention that they include some of the native and web app features that confuse many users. Hybrid products can be downloaded from the digital store and use the capabilities of specific smartphones and tablets. At the same time, most of them are written in HTML5, visible in mobile browsers and embedded in software.


Hybrid app

When it comes to mixed software, it is important to mention that they include some of the native and web app features that confuse many users. Hybrid products can be downloaded from the digital store and use the capabilities of specific smartphones and tablets. At the same time, most of them are written in HTML5, visible in mobile browsers and embedded in software.

Develop native solutions for Android

Our qualified specialists have all the tools that Google has to offer to develop first-class solutions for the market. Built using the Android Software Development Kit or the Google Android SDK, native Android solutions offer access to everything from cameras to geolocation.

Innovative Approach

Our UK company offers custom applications and web development, UX and UI design, e-commerce, software creation, PHP, CSS, OpenCart, HTML, Unity, AutoCAD, consulting, app testing and more. Our developers use the latest frameworks and libraries to handle PHP, JS and HTML, C ++, Swift, Java. Make sure that, with our experts, your product will take full advantage of the solution's features.

Android app type

Native applications are popular to deliver a superior user experience and a great user interface optimized for any device. Our developers know how to harness the potential of native Android applications to benefit your business. Although our company is in the UK, we work internationally and provide the following services:

  • Customize the development of smartphones and tablets
  • Development API
  • Portable device service

Web app

As we have already mentioned, hybrid applications are created using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript web technologies. The developer's job is to write code based on one of the high-level programming languages ​​and apply this code to digital products. This approach produces a cross-platform solution that is compatible with most devices and therefore requires less time and effort. Speaking of other advantages, local solutions outperform standard networking products. However, web applications can be created with less financial investment. Our professional team is ready to provide:

  • Development of hybrid applications for smartphones and tablets
  • Custom app development for wearables


Android offers many opportunities for customization. Such choices can be particularly beneficial to users and marketers. We can provide a custom app that will incorporate your company's image and promote your business to attract more and more customer products. Our development specialists offer a variety of services:

  • Customized logo
  • Custom Animation
  • Pre- installation

First-class corporate apps: contact us!

We develop, design and support custom applications across all platforms, including Android and iOS. Share your ideas with our experts and let us help your business growth via bespoke app development. We create customized IT programs that take your business to the top.